If you want help in your healing journey but don’t have the money, but are willing to help others as well by allowing me to put your sessions on you tube, here is your chance. I have a new opening for a healing journey. To see a sample healing journey click here. To sign up for a free up to 10 session healing journey that will be videoed and put on you tube contact me at elanamichelson@gmail.com,

or call me in Israel at 9723533403450

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Are you suffering from Cancer, would you like to work with an experienced practitioner for free alongside your medical treatment. Contact me. 

A picture tells a thousand words.

This woman came to me after suffering a severe painful  rash which progressively spread over her whole body over the period of 2 years. Her doctors did not know what to do. She was sure she was going to die. She came to me and after 3 weeks of intensive work over Skype (I live in Israel and she lives in Canada)…..

Needless to say the doctors were amazed and she was thrilled.

Want to work on your present relationship or draw in a new relationship but don’t have the money for private sessions? Or maybe you want to increase the flow of abundance into your life but don’t have the money to work with a practitioner. Want to boost your self confidence? Join me at the Mind Dojo for either or all of my online workshops on the Mind Dojo.

The more people that join together to work on an issue, the more powerful the work. So come and get what you want by helping to make the world a better place.

If you prefer working privately check out my yearly subscription but aren’t able to pay lots of money, check out my yearly subscription offer. For just $3200 you get a session every week for 50 weeks out of the year. Choose to work on big issues that may take a lot of sessions, gift family or friends with a session, or use it as a gym for your mind, spirit, body and soul by clearing out your stresses once a week so that they never pile too high. Click here to find out more about the yearly subscription. 

Contact me at elanamichelson@gmail.com

And for those of you who just want a few sessions…..

Do you feel stuck in life?

Do you feel stalled in life but don’t know to get back into the driver’s seat? Do you feel that someone or something else is driving your bus? Do you have a pain that just doesn’t seem to go away and the doctors have given up?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you are not alone.  Most people walk around stressed out and in pain, stuck and stalled and addicted to all the wrong things, because they don’t know how to take back the steering wheel of life. Some people feel guilt and shame over something that they have done in the past. They just cannot forgive themselves. Some feel shame when in reality they were only innocent victims. For some people, these memories, traumas and feelings, drive them through life in the wrong direction. Sometimes the pain remains to give us a message not realizing that the message is no longer necessary.

Flower 2

I have good news for you. You can effectively let go of those painful emotions, and feelings, both physically mentally and then naturally and effortlessly be free of what is really blocking you and standing in the way of living your best life. You can easily release your past and find peace from within.

Flower 3I hope you will take the first step to change your life forever. You have the power to change. The first step is always the hardest, to make the call for help. Everything shared in a session is confidential. It would be my privilege to help you take back the steering wheel of your life so that you can drive to the best possible future.

Get in touch today for your free 30 min consultation to see how I can help you take back the steering wheel of life to get you driving to your best life.  I’d LOVE to help you. contact me at:


or call me in Israel at (053)340-3450

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