Have you ever wanted to try a cross fire tap but were afraid to?,
Or maybe you didn’t have the money to pay 3 practitioners?


One of the most effective forms of tapping is crossfire tapping. Bothering two practitioners to do a session can be expensive. I have devised an audio that mimics crossfire. You will have to use your own two hands to mimic more than one practitioner but with this audio you get the benefit of crossfire tapping which you can use on a daily basis at a one time cost of only $20. (warning do not use when driving a moving vehicle or using any machinery that requires your attention)

If you’ve never seen or experienced a cross fire tapping watch this video

Instructions for use: when you feel triggered notice how you know you are triggered and on a scale from one to ten rate how strongly you feel it. then turn on the crossfire audio (listening with earphones will give you the best results) and just repeat what you hear. It does not matter if you do not catch everything. Just repeat what you hear. when the audio is finished (it is one minute long). Go back and once again rate how strongly you feel the trigger. Repeat the process as many times as it takes to bring the emotional charge to zero and flip the memory to be a good memory.

For people who have a hard time working on themselves why not book a session with me. you will still get the benefits of crossfire tapping from the comfort of your home while paying only one practitioner.

Never play this audio while driving a car, working with heavy machinery or doing anything that requires your full concentration.

Cross fire simulation audio
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