This is by far my best deal ever.

So many people spend tons of money to join a gym. They go to keep their physical bodies in shape, 

What they don’t take into account is that:

The Body Follows the Mind.

Most people in todays world are under constant, constant stress. In the old days people were up against 2-3 incidents of stress a week (running from a wild animal or an attack from a neighboring tribe). After the incident was over, it was gone. The long walks and physical work they did  relieved the stress until the next stressor came., 

In todays fast paced world we are up against constant stress just about all day long. We have no time to relieve the stress before the next stressor hits us so we push the stress inside and it builds up faster than we can let it go. Its the equivalent of being attacked by8-10 tigers every day. But since we know the body follows the mind how do you think our body is going to be with all that pent up stress shoved inside.Its no wonder people feel so stressed and get sick.

So  say yes to yourself. Sign up for this yearly membership at only $80/hour paid monthly (a payment of $320/month) Since you are buying a years worth we count it by minutes, so one week may take an hour and half because you had lots of stress that week but another week took only 30 minutes. It all balances out at the end. If you are interested in paying Monthly then contact me at

But this deal get even better.

If you have the money and can pay the whole sum in advance it will come out to $70/hour or a one time payment of 3640.

treat yourself to a weekly mind massage, to release the stressors of the week, so that you will no longer have to store the stress inside your body.

Yearly Membership