Elana has been practising Faster EFT since 2010. She is a certified Level 4 Faster EFT practitioner certified by Robert G Smith Founder of Faster EFT. She is also an NLP practitioner and hypnotist.

In the mid 80’s, Elana began her studies in Math computer Science and Judaic Studies, in Touro College and finished in 2 years with a BA. She continued her Studies In Michlalah college for girls in Jerusalem Israel and received a BEd. From there she went on to receive an MS in Biotechnology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and then a Phd in Plant Molecular Biology from The Hebrew University Faculty of Agriculture.

She then spent many years raising her six children. She became interested in Healing methods to heal herself after getting divorced. This led to a passion of studying alternative and quick methods to self heal. In addition, being divorced with 6 kids after being a stay at home mom for so many years brought her a very big financial problem. She needed to support her 6 kids but still wanted to spend lots of time with them. With the help of tapping, and the other techniques she studied and the expertise of other tappers, her mentors (Kim Jewell and Deborah Hatley), and her tapping buddy, Helga Laine, and of course the support of her parents and family, she managed to remove her money blocks and build her practice, earning money, doing what she loves (to help people) while spending lots of time at home with her kids. See videos below.

She became certified in Faster EFT in 2011 and continued from there to be certified in NLP (master practitioner) certified master life coach and certified in Hypnosis and certified STEPS practitioner and Trainer, certified Dreamscape practitioner and trainer and certified Blueprint practitioner and trainer. She is constantly increasing her knowledge in the self-healing field by reading books and watching courses to stay up to date with the latest techniques so that she can better serve her clients and teach them how to heal themselves.

At the moment she lives with her 6 amazing Kids in Rehovot, giving private sessions on Skype to clients from all over the world on a variety of issues such as OCD, Asthma, Phobias, Money issues, Health issues, PTSD and addictions. She also teaches online at the Learnitlive spirituality center. Her straightforward techniques have significantly and consistently helped people with their issues.

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