After talking with many of my clients, I realized that one of the biggest hurdles in their self-development work was creating the new habits of walking the walk of this new talk. In simple words, just getting themselves to tap or use any of the new coping skills that they learn on a daily basis. And more important is to change the habit of their old coping skill which isn’t working for them, into the new skill which will allow them to have a much better life.

For this reason, I  created the yearly subscription.  It gives the client a weekly session at a reduced rate where they can learn the new habit of a better coping skill. Just like some people do exercise on their own at home but others need to join a gym or a class to make sure they do the exercise, so some people have the willpower to install the new coping skills yet others need to go to their weekly mental gym to get it. I provide that weekly mental gym.  at the reduced rate of $65 an hour, you can have an hour a week for the period of a full year or 52 weeks. During that year I will work with you to release your weekly stresses so that they don’t build up. I will help you practice doing the work on your own so that if you choose to you can become self-sufficient and if you choose we can work on some of the big stuff as well that you have not yet cleared out.  All this for the low price of $65/hour. around a third of the cost of the average charge of a practitioner or $3380 for 52 hours. So why not give it a try.  

Here is what one of my yearly subscription clients had to say about it.

“ive been with coach elana Michelson for over two years. The recent yearly subscription plan is the best thing that she comes up. I get to release my immediate recent stress and work on core issues during our “second half” of our weekly one hour session. The best thing is I get to have better beliefs installed by Elana. I get to have my dreams and goals. I get to dream as big as I can with her help. I work well with her and I hope at least you should try a few sessions with her since she’s very reasonable and can work a custom healing plan with you. The progressed I have made so far: I quit my old job and started my better job which allows me more time to realise my dreams and true passion. I started loving myself more and have been eating clean for the last two years. I set and achieve yearly goals! I have been figuring out my problems and being able to devise real workable action plan to solve them. I am working on meeting my future wife and partner in “crimes” who’s as fired up as me in believing my or her huge upsides. I believe I am a star. This belief that I have had before I worked with Coach Elena, she’s helping me to shine even brighter. I only hope I am more willing to practice what she teaches every week, my progress will be even faster. But I accept who am and I am becoming more open minded and having less self created hurdles. This is a long thought and testimony. I just hope whoever is reading this to understand no matter how you feel right now, you should know that you are a star. And you should feel that you are important. And be brave and smart do what your heart is really telling you to do.”


**** the charge is on an hourly basis. If you can not make it one week I am not required to give you back the hour but If I can not do a session one week I will give you back the hour.

*** Some sessions take longer than an hour some shorter. In the end, it usually comes out even.